Development :

As we all know, the age of machine design is the key player in its scientific techniques that were adopted during designing . The 10-year-old machine lacks the technology of a one-year-old machine.
However replacing machines is very expensive and unnecessary in many parts of the machine. The best solution is development and development involves all the important aspects of the industry at once (quality, diversity, quantity of production, production costs, minimization of failures and ease of repair).

Designing :

Ideas are treasures that some people have, but the ideas die without being benefited from , especially industrial managers, some of them create new methods that they wish if they were in their machines.

And because we are keen on ideas, we are serving up engineering designs and applying inventions to be beneficial investments for all.


We create some kinds of machines and industrial robotic designs in collaboration with the best national and international pieces manufacturers.

Design programs and control circuits:

In most industrial machines we have seen a great weakness in the programs that control the work of all parts of the machine, and we have developed a lot in the programs that we provide and the electrical control circuits until the machines have become very efficiently productive, and the faults of electrical parts have become close to zero.


The construction of machines is the most important basis for the machine’s & facility’s life as well as for production efficiency of the machine, so we provide equipment constructing services according to the specifications required from manufacturers in cooperation with them to ensure the best quality.

Supplying of equipment

In order to ensure better standards and prices, we are cooperating with international producers to purchase, supply and install equipment at facilities in accordance with agreements.

Purchasing of equipment :

We buy some used equipment that we might benefit from some of its pieces.


Many facility managers suffer from maintenance for many reasons, such as the dispersion of responsibility between their various electrical and mechanical branches and the abundance of failures and costs.

Therefore, we provide maintenance services in all its branches and types, periodic and operational.

For requesting and further information please communicate on…..

⁦+966 53 030 1397⁩

Industrial events:

Because we love factories, we provide service for ceremonial events in them, so the factory is the productive place that provides the community with its products and we deserve to love and celebrate it and the productive cadres.


The announcement on our pages dedicated to the birth of a new product or development is what delights us the most .. Let us announce our successes and bless them with community service in competition, development, use and science


Ideas are treasures that are lost to society, many of which are lost to society due to obstacles facing inventors, such as the lack of funds for patent registration or manufacture … Therefore, we will try to support inventions in ways in which we guarantee the rights of the inventor and agree with him in a way that suits either by purchasing the patent, manufacturing it, or implementing it .. as requested


Some have cadres to do the work but they need supervision to do the desired performance